FEED YOURSELF from the earth

Being a nature brewther is knowing that our planet is full of treasures. We don’t call it the Mother Earth for nothing. Superfood Beers is an ode to nature. We harvest the best the ground has to offer and we do it with respect for the natural process. The earth already has everything planned, it’s full of food and even superfoods which our recipes are made of because of their beneficial taste. The earth is our ally. We respect it in order to sustain it.

Offsetting the carbon impact

Being a nature brewther involves limiting the negative impact of our actions to a maximum. Producing beer is unfortunately causing damage such as carbon emissions. The Pealce project allows us to compensate by planting fruit trees in the yards of our partners. And as they are good actions, we do not limit ourselves to Belgium. Thanks to a partnership with the « Graine de vie » association superfood beers contributes to reforesting Madagascar, Togo and Benin.

turning losses into GAINS

Being a nature brewther means letting its creativity talk. Why throw away and waste when you can recycle, transform, sublimate, and most importantly recreate everything from scratch? Our beer draughts are transformed into biscuits and as we keep thinking about our planet, other reusable inventions with different actors of the environment are being discussed and will shortly be implemented.

Giving priority to the short circuit

Being a nature brewther is mostly a family story in the broadest sense of the term. We act with our loved ones, those who are close to us and who have a lot to offer. Favouring direct distribution methods not only helps the region to develop and allows to promote our local partners, which in turn contributes to reducing our carbon footprint. And This is what being a Brewther is about.

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