For a happier and greener world between communities!

In 2012 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21st March as International Forest Day.

That day celebrates the importance of each type of forest. During every international forests day, countries are encouraged to make some local, national and international efforts to organise events that implies forests and trees. For example, a campaign for tree plantation. That’s why we decided to develop a surprising, innovative and committed beer ! Watch out, this is not a lager.

The main objective of this innovative project is to offer to the superfood beer lovers an outstanding blond beer with a subtle taste coming from the seed of peace. We want to promote the peace and the love in the world.

That’s why we plant trees in some retail outlets where our pealce is sold. All the pealce lovers are able to contribute to a better and a greener world by simply using their consumer power.

For a better and more ecological world, drink a good pealce.